Dropified can load and pay for up to 100 orders at time.

At the end of the order processing step for each order, you can simply cancel the payment and move on to the next order until you have all of your orders placed through Dropified App for AliExpress.

Next, you would just go to My Orders > Awaiting Payments tab in your AliExpress account, then use the Dropified App button to load more orders. Using that method, you can pay for up to 100 orders at a time, extending the 10 order limit that AliExpress has.

Why do I get a “The product(s) in your shopping cart is/are currently not available for order”?

This is a known AliExpress issue where they are limiting the value of some customers orders. Please try loading fewer orders and try again.

You can control how many orders Dropified loads via the extension settings. Right Click the Dropified Icon on your taskbar, click Options and then change the AliExpress Bulk Pay number:

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