Whether you are just starting your eCommerce business, or if you have been successfully operating a number of shops and growing your revenue, you already realize how important it is to optimize the time you spend on product research and vendor selection. Those are two of the most important administrative tasks that can take up a great deal of time and effort unless you are using applications that do most of that heavy lifting for you.

AliExtractor is an eCommerce data filtration tool, that allows you to drill down into information that has been difficult to acquire, except by very manual (and time-intensive) methods in the past. Since our launch of the application in July 2018, our members have commented that AliExtractor has saved them between 10-15 hours per week on the following activities:

  • Ecommerce product research

  • Vendor evaluation and review analysis

  • Manufacturer price comparisons

  • Identifying top-selling and trending products by sales volume

  • Sorting by vendors who offer Epacket shipping

More Quick Facts

  • AliExtractor software is a Chrome extension, which means that it is installed into your Chrome browser. It's easy and fast to use while you are browsing products online.

  • AliExtractor's easy-to-read data table displays 20+ data points of product information that it has retrieved directly from AliExpress search results pages.

  • AliExtractor is designed to help you with product research, so it does not connect to online selling platforms. This means that it can be useful for anyone doing arbitrage, regardless of where you sell online!

  • When you find a product that interests you, AliExtractor allows you to save it as a favorite, download information and images from the product page, and see other products by the same seller.

One of the most exciting aspects for AliExtractor members is the opportunity to earn up to 8% cashback on all your purchases through AliExpress. From products placed in your shop for retail sale to private purchases, you make for yourself. You can use our data filters to sort the same product from various suppliers on AliExpress and review the amount of cashback you will earn on each item. That way, you can shop your 'best deal' for cashback products, and earn additional income from every sale or personal product purchase. On the scale, the cashback offer is exclusive to AliExtractor members and another great way you can optimize your profit margin, on every product you dropship from AliExpress.

Please see our cashback article for more information.

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