AliExtractor is a GMS-certified application for eCommerce and dropshipping business owners, and available on Google™ play. AliExtractor is a software extension that operates through Google Chrome (and is not available for other browsers at this time), and it works on both Android and iOS mobile devices. When you purchase your monthly license, you will be charged a monthly membership to AliExtractor unless you're an active Dropified Grow Plan customer, in which case it comes complimentary with your Dropified subscription.

Version updates for AliExtractor are free for members. 

A 14-day risk-free guarantee is provided by AliExtractor, with a 'no questions asked' refund policy. We know that once you start using the data filtering tools, and optimizing the exclusive cash-back benefits (up to 8% on each product ordered on AliExpress), you will want to explore product bundles, sales promotions, and other opportunities to earn that additional profit, simply by being one of our valued members.

Our support team will help you navigate any questions you may have, and are committed to providing prompt support to our members.

You can reach us at Or jump on a chat at the bottom right of your screen:

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