Yes, AliExtractor works with all AliExpress sites. But it is important to understand how AliExpress vendor sites work so that you can better understand the volume of search results you may receive when you are using AliExtractor for data mining, product discovery, vendor evaluation, and more.

We test and support all sites but our main engine is Each country has a unique version of AliExpress, given the variance in shipping costs, tariffs, and other considerations. The maturity or number of years and the number of vendors connected to each AliExpress site will vary by country. For example, the Canadian site for AliExpress is not as old or as established as the AliExpress websites serving the American (US) or British (UK) markets. Therefore, the search results you get will be limited to the number of vendors registered for drop shipping to that country.

If you have any questions regarding your search results or the volume of products available through your regional AliExpress site, please contact our support team for more information.

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