No, we have given you a choice. You can authenticate your software with either your Google Account or Facebook. We do this in order to confirm that you will be the sole user of the software. If you do not already have a a Google or Facebook account, you will need to create one for this purpose.

By purchasing your copy of AliExtractor, you have been issued a single license which is tied to you as a person, not to any single computer or mobile device. By connecting your license to your Facebook account, you can use our software on multiple computers and devices, so no matter where you are, you'll be able to log in and work seamlessly with our tools.

You can rest assured that our software will not interact with your Google or Facebook account in any way other than this initial confirmation of your identity. We will not post any information on your Facebook page, nor will any of your activities including log-in status or use of AliExtractor be visible to other individuals who are connected to you on Facebook.

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