When you purchased your lifetime copy of AliExtractor (standard version), you received an automated email that contained your Activation Code. Please check the email address you used to purchase AliExtractor for a welcome message from our team and your activation code. The sender email is info@aliextractor.com. The original email will look like this in your inbox:

Email spam filters may place our welcome email into your junk mail folder. So if you do not see it immediately in your inbox, check there. If you have not received your activation code, you can manually retrieve it to get started.

  1. Click this link: http://licence.aliextractor.com/restore.php

  2. Enter the email address you used when purchasing AliExtractor.

  3. Write down or take a screenshot of your activation code(s) to archive for future use.

Please note that new members who have deactivated a license, or purchased more than one license, will find that information also available after logging into the license page.

Need help? We love helping our members. Simply contact our support team for assistance.

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