When you first started browsing products and doing product research, the results on AliExpress may have seemed a little overwhelming. From a few hundred to several thousand possible products and vendors, it is literally information overload. Don't make the mistake of choosing only from products available on the first 1-5 pages, when trending products and highly rated and reliable vendors may be on page 6 (or 600) depending on the search query. Filtering your results allows you to streamline the products and vendors by a number of different criteria, so that you can make the best decision on products for your ecommerce store.

Open filter tool

Click the filter icon in the top right corner of your screen and the filter toolbar will appear at the top of the product data table.

Filter one column

How would you like to narrow down your results? If you wanted to use the filter to show only products with over 500 reviews, you would find the Reviews column, enter ">500" into the field at the top of the column and then hit enter.

(Note: The < and > signs actually signify "less than or equal to" and "greater than or equal to". More details on how to create custom filters later in this article)

From here you can...

- go back to all search results (undo filtering) by deleting the parameters and clicking enter

- narrow down the filtered results further by adding parameters to an additional column

Filter additional columns

Leave the first column as is, choose an additional column, and enter parameters there. Your results will now show only the products that meet both parameters.

Creating Effective Custom Filters

Below are some examples of how you can use filters to find the most profitable and relevant products for your store.

For these examples, the original product search was for "bracelets".

Parameters with words

Product Name

leather mens

will return products with "leather mens" together in the name.

This is best used for words that will probably be used together, like "genuine leather".


will return products with both "leather" and "mens" in the name, but not necessarily together or in that order.

You could also search three separate words in the same way. Eg. leather%mens%brown.


will return only products that don't have "leather" anywhere in their name.


will return only products that don't have "leather" or "wrap" in their name.

Parameters with numbers

(Note: The < and > signs actually signify "less than or equal to" and "greater than or equal to")



will return products with a 4 or 5 star rating -- and nothing lower.

Estimated Revenue/Month


will return products which have an estimated monthly revenue of $2,000 or more per month.

Notice that you don't have to include a dollar sign.

FBA Fees


will return products that have between $1.50 and $5.00 in total FBA fees.

Don't forget to include the & in between the two parts.

3. Once you have created a filter data set, you can reuse it again by select from the filter NAV menu, the option called "Recover and Apply Last Filter".

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