Our Aliextractor tool allows you to go on 'a a hunt' for the most amazing, cool, and uncommon products you can find that are not readily available.

With this feature, you will find the kind of products your customers will want to buy, because they can't find them anywhere else! This can help encourage consumers to buy from eCommerce shops like yours instead of another competitor.

Finding trending products can be done in a number of ways, but here's a couple of simple tactics you can use to help you identify top product opportunities to research with AliExtractor.

Please note* - The examples given in the video are not an endorsement of those products and are used for training and teaching purposes only.

If you have a preference to view a written article on filtering data points in Aliextractor, please visit this link - Using Quick-Sort and Data Filtering Tools In AliExtractor | Dropified Help Center

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