Not only can eBay sellers use the AliExtractor App, but our early adopters and ecommerce entrepreneurs are also already increasing their sales revenues strategically, using products sourced on AliExpress. We all know how much consumers love a good deal, and many of our members are downloading top-selling and trending product links, descriptions, and emails (provided in .zip files from AliExtractor) and uploading them to their eBay store to earn additional profit through our exclusive cash-back offer.

  • Select the products you would like to offer as a bundle and save them to your favorites. Remember you can sort by cashback qualified products, so you can compare vendors who are highly rated (reliable suppliers) and those that offer the highest rate of cashback using your AliExtractor tool.

  • Download the product links, images, and descriptions.

  • Create your product bundles on eBay.

  • Sit back... and watch your monthly revenue grow.

Want another strategic tip for your eCommerce shop? Product bundles are a great add-on sale opportunity as part of the 'checkout' cart process. You can create a minimum order incentive, that your customers can qualify for a bundle, at a great discount. It's an effective promotional tool, a way to increase your per-order cart value while providing a bonus offer that gets online shoppers excited! Better yet, your bundle qualifies you for up to an 8% cashback bonus on the product. It's a win/win for both you, and your online customers.

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