Months before peak sales periods and holiday's, ecommerce business owners are busy doing product research to find unique and uncommon items to add to their store. Whether you are building promotional product bundles (customers love them!), a wish list on your store, or a special discounted sale or exclusive offer page, you can quickly save the products you are interested in with AliExtractor. When you are ready, those products will be organized on a favorites list, that you can quickly download details including a .zip file of product images, customer reviews, and product descriptions for each unit, using AliExtractor.

To start saving products here are are steps.

1) Complete a product category search on AliExpress and click the AliExtractor tool to begin the product research.

2) Either select one product at a time, or select multiple products (click each box individually) to save into your favorites.

3) Click the Action button, then click on the action icon named "Add To Favorites".

4) To review your saved favorites, click on the icon in the footer navigation called "Manage Saved Products".

5) Two (2) options will appear 1) Save Selected Products and 2) Open my favorite products.

6) Selecting "Open my favorite products" will allow you to review products you have saved while using AliExtractor.

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