CallFlex allows you to create a customer support number for your store. It's a powerful call automation platform that can play automated messages, list options, forward calls, and accept voicemails.

DropifiedBlack users have access to the CallFlex Toll-Free Plus plan for free included with their account. This includes 1 Toll-Free number and 100 minutes. 

If you're on any other plan, you can select a monthly CallFlex plan here:

To get started, select a number from this page:

Then click Setup Call Flow

The flow can do any of the following:

  • Play a message: the message can be pre-recorded, or use text-to-speech.

  • Record a voicemail

  • Forward the call to a different number

  • Play a list of menu options: these can be assigned to any of the previous options.

You can add any of these options as steps within the call. 

When done, click Save Call Flow

Make sure to select the specific Call Flow you want to use in your Call Flex Number Menu.  

Messages that your customers have left can be heard in your CallFlex Dashboard here:

For a detailed walk-through of this process, please see this video:

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