TubeHunt is a powerful video targeting platform that is designed to help you find videos on YouTube that are relevant to your audience. You can then target your Google Video Ads specifically to this list. 

To begin using this add-on, you can sign-up here:

Then to get started, open TubeHunt: 

Enter a query related to your product, for example: "Dog bath". You can choose to just show Videos with Ads to find those videos that accept advertising. 

You can sort the results by Views, Likes, Dislikes & Comments to find videos with the highest engagement, more engagement means more people will see your ads. 

For each video in the list, you can click Find Videos to show videos from their channel or click Related Videos to find similar videos.

To start savings videos, select them and choose Save to List

Finally, you can find and export these lists to Google Ads from here:

For more information on setting up Google Video Ads and using these videos for targeting please see this video:

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