One & Done method is designed to maximise sales by focusing on one product. Make use of the GrooveKart Lite platform which is optimised for conversions and to increase sales for a single product. 3 months of GrooveKart Lite is included with your Dropified Black plan for free. 

You can learn more about how to maximise the value from your store in our Dropified Black Training.

Your 3 month free trials starts from the time you create your store. Here's how to do that and add it to Dropified: 

  1. From Dropified click Add Store, choose GrooveKart Lite

2. Enter a name to identify the store in Dropified, such as "My GrooveKart Lite Store". 

Click Create GrooveKart Lite Account, this will take you to GrooveKart where you can enter the remaining information. 

If you already have a GrooveKart account please use a new email address when you register for GrovoeKart Lite.

Your store is free for 3 months and then $29.95/month, billing information is required and you can cancel at any time. 

After you complete the signup your store will automatically be connected with Dropified and ready to use. 🎉

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