From your GrooveKart Lite Admin go to My Funnels to start assigning products to their role in the sales funnel.

1. Choose your main product
This is the main item for sale, it's the product that you are going to create a landing page for and send customers to.

2. Choose your Pre Checkout Bump Upsell
Pre Checkout Upsells are offered on the landing page and are ideal for related products, here you can offer a discount for buying items together. It's advertised as a "Buy With" item on the landing page.

3. Post Checkout Upsells
It's well known that if you offer customers related products whilst they are already buying an item they're more likely to purchase those additional products. These 2 products are offered to users after they have made the payment.

Edit the Post Checkout Upsell Funnel

Go to My Funnels and click the Cog ⚙️  icon next to the Post Checkout Upsell.

Choose an upsell template to determine if products are shown Full Width, Half Width or use the Marketing Template. 

Click to edit the text on the page to match your branding and marketing.

You have the following options:

Enable Disable the Countdown timer
You can enable/disable the timer on the page:

Full Width:
The full product descriptions are shown and can be edited on this page. To edit the product names go to My Products.

Two Product Upsell
Shows a brief description of both upsells 

Marketing Template
A template designed to optimise conversions with:

  • A countdown timer on each product
  • Added Testimonials
  • Card logos

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