Create a Supplement

To create a new supplement, go to the Supplements section in your Dropified account, and then click Customize → on the supplement that you want to create.

(To learn how to edit and upload a new label, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

From the supplement edit page, you can view the Cost Price for the item, a default description, along with some other details of that product. You can also find the Certificate of Analysis by switching over to the Info tab.

Click Download Template to get the label template for that supplement, and open the file in any vector image editor (such as Adobe Illustrator) to design your label.

Send Label For Approval

Upload label file and customize mockup

When you're ready to upload your custom designed label into the supplement and submit it for review, click Customize Label and choose the label file that you want.

Once the label file is loaded, you can choose and make adjustments to the mockup images that you want to use. When you're ready, click Generate Selected Images.

Complete the product edit and click Create Product to submit the label for review.

If you want to save the supplement without submitting the label for review, click Save for Later. That will save the product under the My Supplements section without submitting the label for review.

You can keep track of the label review status under the My Products tab, which is here -

As all supplements are regulated by the FDA, your product labels must go through a quick approval process to ensure they do meet all requirements. You'll be updated by email of any required changes or when your label is approved.

Once your label is approved, you'll be able to send the supplement to your store.

Edit a Supplement

If your label has been rejected and updates are required, you can upload a new label on an existing supplement product by going to My Supplements and clicking Edit →.

Upload a new label file to replace the existing label using the same method as described above.

IMPORTANT: After clicking Generate Selected Images, make sure to click Save Changes before clicking Create Product to submit the new label for review.
If you don't Save Changes first, the generated images will not be saved.

Once your new label is approved, you don't have to resend this to your store. The supplement will stay connected to the product in your store.

Create New Supplement Variants (Layer Marketing)

To create a new variation of the same supplement, go back through the process starting at the Supplements page.

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