Once your private label product is approved, here's how to connect it to any existing listing in your store. 

From the My Products page > click on the product > Edit tab, highlight the product URL of your private label product > right-click on it then select copy

You can then use this Supplier link to map the item like any other supplier in Dropified.

To find the listing from your store, go to the product page in Dropified, select your store from the store tabs and click Import from Shopify (or WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, BigCommerce)

Search for your listing and select it:

Paste the product URL you copied earlier to the "Supplier Product Link" field and click Save

That's all you need to do!

Known Issue:

If you're running into any issues, please ensure that the Supplier name is set to "Supplements on Demand" or "PLS", also be aware of these current limitations:

  • You can not use Advanced Mapping to map separate supplements to separate variants (coming soon!) 

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