Your card details for Supplement charges are separate from your Dropified subscription, this means you can use a separate card if you like. So firstly, enter your billing details on the Billing tab.

From the Orders page, you can pay for all supplements in an order by clicking Pay for Supplements:

Shipping costs are calculated based on the items in an order that you pay for together, so if an order has several line items you'll want to use Pay for Supplements (this ships items together and only charges you shipping on the whole order): 

If you only want to ship selected supplements you can select the items that you want to ship together and choose Pay for Selected Items:

You can also pay for individual line items by clicking Make Payment, this is suitable if an order only has one line item (otherwise you'll pay shipping separately for each item in the order): 

A popup will show you the supplier cost for each product and the shipping cost. Click Make Payment again to pay for the order and send it for fulfilment:

Your items are now paid for and sent for fulfillment. The tracking number will automatically update back to Dropified (and your store) once it is dispatched! 📦

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