Shipping rates are based on weight. To help estimate costs, you can find the weight of each product item in Dropified when you go to Customizable Products > click on the product > Edit tab.

US Shipping (1 - 3 business days)

Shipping is based on weight brackets up to 50lb, with additional rates for Alaska & Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

International Shipping

UPS (2-5 Business Days)

Our international shipping rates do not include local duties and taxes. This means your buyer will be responsible for paying any necessary taxes before delivery.  

Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia

Europe 1

Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, and France

Europe 2

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland

Europe 3

Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta

China, Japan, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Taiwan, Hong Kong

(Hong Kong and Taiwan use the same rates as China)

World Zone 2

Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Colombia, Morocco, South Korea, South Africa

World Wide Economy (5 - 12 Business Days)

Rest of the World includes

Brazil, China, UAE, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Colombia, Morocco, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa

Europe includes

Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany and France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Switzerland

Unfortunately due to local restrictions, we can not ship supplements to Mexico, Spain, Greece, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Peru, Nepal, India, and Indonesia.

CBD can not be shipped to Australia, Canada, Germany.

Unguaranteed services include:

USPS First Class Mail *

Deliver between 1-3 business days.

Claims cannot be filed for these.

USPS Priority Mail *

Deliver between 1-3 business days.

Claims for these services cannot be filed until 15 days past scheduled delivery.

UPS Worldwide Economy

Deliver between 12 -15 business days AFTER the master carton has reached the distribution center and the smaller packages have begun their independent travel.

Claims cannot be filed for these.

* USPS shipping method is automatically selected based on the weight of domestic orders. Orders above 1lb are shipped with Priority Mail service.

Guaranteed services include:

UPS Saver

Deliver between 1-3 business days.

UPS Worldwide Expedited

Deliver between 2-5 business days. (Excluding Australia. For Australia, any carrier is 2 weeks minimum).


Information provided by Dropified is provided AS IS, may not be current, and does not constitute legal advice. In no event shall Dropified or its partners, be liable for any errors in the information made available in the following shipping document. Selection and completion of required forms for any given shipment is the sole responsibility of the shipper. All shipments are subject to the Dropified Shipping Policy in effect at the time of shipping from the country of origin.

Dropified is utilizing information provided on the partner carrier website and is not responsible for the interpretations of regulations by variable customs agents. It may be advisable to conduct trial shipments to a small number of customers before committing large marketing campaigns to international countries.

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