1. Add the Bundle Name In Your eCommerce Store

2. Import the Supplier Product With That Exact Same Name, and Locate your listing as seen below

3. At the bottom of the product page Click More Options > Variants Mapping

4. After that loads, Click the Bundle Mapping tab. Choose Select/Add Product To Get Your Other Listing Into the Bundle

5. Search your other item (You will need to import the product to your store if you haven't already.)

6. You can now select the item and choose your preferred Variant & Quantity.

7. Repeat Step 4 to add another item, and quantities if you choose to. Then click save

You will now see all the items available in your Bundle

⭐ If you have a preference to see Bundle Mapping from the perspective of Supplements on Demand, please preview this video here for step by step instruction: https://files.dropified.com/lluJPydX

Add Multiple Variant Options within a section for Bundle Mapping explained (Optional)

(This option is especially important so that all your variants are displayed to fulfillment if you add several variants in a section.)

Example: Let’s say you were selling a pencil grip bundle, but you wanted your customer to receive a few different options in that bundle section. These steps will help you!

To make things easy, first, click on your product in Dropified. Scroll down to:

> More Options > Variant Mapping > Bundle Mapping Tab

Next, go to the section that you want to add items to.

Finally, you just need to add Item A, B, C, D just under the ideal section so the system recognizes all individual options for fulfillment that you plan to include. Then save each one.

Here is an example of a Bundle set up correctly on the orders page. Notice the Main Product Bundle Title and the variant option beneath it. The options were set as followed here: Product: I Want Green | Variant: Green | Quantity: 1

If you notice a N/A disconnected memo, and you need further help, feel free to contact us by chat on our homepage. How to Contact Dropified Team | Dropified Help Center

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