1. Add the Bundle Name In Your eCommerce Store

2. Import the Supplier Product With That Exact Same Name, and Locate your listing as seen below

3. At the bottom of the product page Click More Options > Variants Mapping

4. After that loads, Click the Bundle Mapping tab. Choose Select/Add Product To Get Your Other Listing Into the Bundle

5. Search your other item (You will need to import the product to your store if you haven't already.)

6. You can now select the item and choose your preferred Variant & Quantity.

7. Repeat Step 4 to add another item, and quantities if you choose to. Then click save

You will now see all the items available in your Bundle

If you have a preference to see Bundle Mapping from the perspective of Supplements on Demand, please preview this video here for step by step instruction: https://files.dropified.com/lluJPydX

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