You can find the Addon Store at the sidebar menu of your Dropified account Dashboard.

Do the addons include a free trial?

  • Unless specified, addons currently do not include a free trial.

Which plans can install addons?

  • The Addon Store is currently accessible to Builder, Premier, Import and Private Label on Demand plans.

What happens if I want to remove an addon?

  • You can simply remove it at any time. To uninstall an addon, you can do that by going to Addon Store > My Addons, click the Addon feature then you'll see the uninstall button.

Can I install addons during my trial of Dropified?

  • Yes! Even if your Dropified account is in a trial, you'll be charged for any addons that you install separately from your Dropified subscription.

Please be reminded that charges for addons are NOT prorated when uninstalled. Once uninstalled, it will automatically be removed at the end of the billing period. Cancelling your account will cancel your addons.

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