We support importing from a few Amazon sites such as amazon.com, .ca, .au, .uk, .mx, .de, .fr, .in

You can click here to learn how the product importing process works. If you prefer video training tutorial, you can watch on How to Import Products From Supported Online Stores Using the Dropified Google Chrome Extension

How to place orders for products source from Amazon

At the moment, Order fulfillment automation features in Dropified are only for AliExpress and eBay. If the product in the order was imported from other supported sites such as Amazon, you will need to manually place and fulfill the order. You can use this article that walks you through the process: Manual Order Process.

Is Pricing and Inventory Auto Update available for Amazon products?

No, there isn't an automated price or inventory update feature for Amazon. Currently, this feature is just possible with eBay or Aliexpress. All other sites need manual monitoring and entries.

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