Important things to take note of prior to clicking the Bulk Order Processing button:

  • Because not all orders in each page need fulfillment, it is recommended that you set the order page to show Pending Orders Only. This filter makes finding pending orders fast.

  • Due to technical reasons we recommend that you don't process more than 10 pages of orders at a time. So once those 10 pages of orders are placed, you can initiate another 10 pages.

  • Speed depends on your network speed and if there was issue in ordering.

STEP 1 : Select Pages

This shows you the total number of pages you have in Orders page depending on how you have set your filter. You need to select the pagination range to queue. Recommended range is up to 10 pages at a time.

STEP 2 : Load Orders

Dropified will always queue only orders that need fulfillment regardless of the filter. But it will be easier to load the orders per page when you set it to show "Pending Orders Only".

STEP 3 : Send to Queue

This shows the total number of orders that need fulfillment before clicking the Start Ordering button.

You can learn more about placing orders using the Bulk Order Processing feature here.

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