To seamlessly access Alibaba's dropshipping product page, you can add the Dropified link as a bookmark.

The steps to do so are:

1. Right click on Alibaba Products then select "Copy Link Address" this will copy Alibaba link from Dropified sidebar menu.

2. Open a new tab and click on the 3 vertical dots, select Bookmarks then click on "Bookmark manager"

3. Once you're in the Bookmarks page, you just simply need to click on the options > Add new bookmark

4. Add your bookmark with a name of your choice and the link we copied in first step, then hit the save button.

5. When you see the bookmark added on top of your chrome browser or on the list below, you have successfully added as a bookmark.

Now you can just click that link on your bookmark bar and go directly to Alibaba's Dropshipping Page, without accessing Dropified and any imported products will be send to your Dropified account.

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