With Bundle Mapping you can combine different products together to offer unique combinations or set products to automatically order several of an item or include accessories.

If you want to create offers such as “Buy 2 Save 20%” or bundle multiple items together in a set Dropified can do that.

Bundle mapping is available on all monthly plans.

For example, you can

  • Sell items in multiples for a discount such as a pack of 2, pack of 4 etc
  • Upsell related items by including accessories with your main product
  • Increase your order value by creating sets.

You’ll find this option under Products > Connections > Variant Mapping > Bundle Mapping

To setup Product Bundling:

  • Open the Product in Dropified and go to Variant Mapping
  • Click the Bundle Mapping tab
  • Add the products that you want to include in each bundle and set the quantity
  • Click Save

Create any new variants that you need from your store’s product pages and ensure all bundled products are connected. 

Please see this video for a full walkthrough of the feature: https://www.dropified.com/portfolio-item/product-bundle-mapping-in-dropified

Can I add bundles to the queue?

Yes! You can queue them up just like other items. 

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