You can add other people as Sub Users to give them controlled access to your account.

From the Sub Users page:

  1. Click Add User and enter an email address - an invite will be sent to them

  2. Once they have registered you will need to set their permissions.

  3. Click their username and tick the stores they have access to, click Save.

  4. Click their username again and click Edit Permissions

  5. Enable the General Permissions and click Save

  6. Click Edit next to the store name, enable permissions, and click Save.

Here is a preview of what General Permissions look like:

For more details on the Sub User setting go here:

Help I get the error “A user with this email already exists”

If the user already exists in any other Dropified account (even if it’s not your own account) then you will need to ask them for a new email address.

Hint: For Gmail addresses, you can add +something to create a unique address that will go to the original inbox. So if the email is you could use 

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