Please ensure you are logged in to AliExpress and the orders in your store are ‘Unfulfilled’.

Here is how the process works at a high-level:

  • The Chrome Extension will auto sync the tracking information to the app as long as you are logged in to AliExpress. So if you are logged out overnight and then come back to start work in the morning, we won't sync the tracking numbers to Dropified until you log back in to AliExpress.
  • After you login to AliExpress, we'll add that info to Dropified. Then, about every 10 minutes or so, we will run a command that should auto fulfill the order for you and trigger the default Shipping Confirmation notification email from your Shopify account to get sent to your customer.
  • If you give it a little more time from when it was last updated, then the auto fulfill should kick in for those recent orders.
  • You can see when the orders were "Last Updated" by visiting the Tracking page and looking at the "Updated" column.
  • If you want to bring the tracking numbers into Dropified without waiting for them to sync there is a button on the Tracking page to do that with.

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