Why Dropified Exists

A Welcome Message From One of Our Founders Chase Bowers

How the Dropified web app works

  • Learn how to connect your store built on Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, Groovekart and BigCommerce platforms

  • How to add the Chrome Extension.

  • What sites you can import products from.

  • How to import Products with the Quick Save feature.

  • Importing products to your store.

  • Learn how to use Boards for easy sorting.

Click here for a video on how to get started using Dropified.

Add Sub Users

You can set permissions for your Business Partner or Virtual Assistant. You can give complete access to your account or restrict what they can see and do.

Set Up A Sub User

Be Alerted When Inventory Or Prices Change

You can set up alerts to create actions when a product price changes, inventory changes or a product or its variant goes out of stock. You can be notified by email or you can set your Alerts to automatically do actions that you choose.

Setting Up Alerts

Importing Product Reviews into Shopify or WooCommerce Store

Reviews are so important to your customers and with just a few clicks you can import reviews into a Shopify store or a WooCommerce store.

Getting Reviews Into A Shopify Store

Getting Reviews Into Your WooCommerce Store

Bundling Products Together To Make More Money

Every store owner wants to make more money for each transaction. What better way then to bundle products together. For example if you sell fishing equipment you could have a bundle with a fishing rod, a tackle box, lures, and an awesome hat for one price. Instead of your customer just buying the fishing rod you have now increased your average order size with a bundle.

Setting Up Bundles
Selling More Than One Of The Same Product In A Bundle

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