Using the Image Editors

Edit your images in Dropified with simple or advanced image editing features

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Simple Editor

If you need to make some quick simple edits to your product image, you can use the built-in simple editor right from the Product Edit page in Dropified.

Just hover over the product image that you want to edit, then click the Simple Editor icon.

From the popup image editor, use the simple tools to edit your image, then click Save.

Advanced Editor

Dropified has a built-in image editor (Photopea) that lets you use advanced features similar to PhotoShop to edit your images directly inside of Dropified.

In order to access this tool, you can simply hover over the product image at the bottom of the Product Edit page in Dropified, then click the Advanced Editor icon.

That will open the image editor directly on that page. Edit your image from there using the advanced features. When you're done, click File > Save.

You can move on to the next image to edit and go through the same process, or if you're done, click the green button at the bottom of the Product Edit page in Dropified to save the changes.

If the product you're editing is not yet connected to your store, then you can either click Save for Later to save the changes first without sending it to the store or Send to My Store if you are ready to export the product to your store.

You can watch this video demo to show you how it works:

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