You can save an AliExpress product into Dropified and save it to your favorite board at the same time with just a few clicks. This can save you lots of time when you're doing product research and moving products to your boards.

Steps to Quick Save to Board

1. From the Search results page in AliExpress, click the Dropified Chrome extension icon and enable "Quick Save to Favorite Boards"

2. Scroll down and select up to 3 favorite boards that you want to quickly save products to, then click "Apply Changes".

Note: If you forgot to "Apply Changes", just refresh the AliExpress page for the changes to take effect.

3. Hover over a product in the Search results page, then click the Quick Save button to see your previously selected favorite boards.

4. Click one of the boards to Quick Save your product there.

Once the product is saved, you can see the confirmation notification box in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

5. Click the "View Saved Product" button to open the Product Edit page in Dropified.

Remember: This feature only saves products into Dropified. Once saved, you can send it to your store from the Non Connected tab in your Dropified account Products page.

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