When importing products from AliExpress or eBay, the inventory quantity can be automatically imported to your store. Just ensure that you've enabled this option from Dropified Settings.

Product Monitor options in Dropified are set up from the Alerts section in the app Settings. You can set price and inventory auto updating options from here.

These Alerts can also be viewed by Sub Users if you grant them permissions.

Price Alerts 

Three (3) Price Update Methods are available when you set your Alerts options to automatically update product prices in your store.

  • Update with Global "Price Markup" - Product prices in your store will be updated with the Price Markup percentage that is set in Dropified Settings based on the supplier's product price.
  • Update with Advanced Markup Rules - Prices in your store will be updated based on the markup rules that you set in Dropified Settings. These markup rules are set up by price ranges through Advanced Markup Rules.
  • Update with same margins - Product prices are updated with the same margin as in the supplier's product page. Ex: If price in AliExpress goes up by $1, the price in your store will be updated with the same value of $1.

Inventory Alerts

  • Notify me - An email will be sent to you detailing the changes
  • Update Automatically - Changes will be made automatically¬†
  • Do Nothing - Disables the feature¬†

Update only When price goes up

If you turn this on your price will never drop below your selling price so you won't lose money if a supplier makes a mistake and puts their cost at $0.01.

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