When importing products from AliExpress, the inventory quantity can be automatically imported to your store. Just ensure that you've enabled this option from your settings page: https://app.dropified.com

If you wish to have prices & inventory continually update based on changing supplier prices, you can set that up with price and inventory Alerts. These can be configured here: https://app.dropified.com

  • Notify me - an email will be sent to you detailing the changes
  • Update Automatically - changes will be made automatically 
  • Do Nothing - disables the feature 

These Alerts can also be viewed by Sub Users if you granted permissions.

Price Automation 

If you choose to have Alerts automatically update your prices Dropified can do this in 2 different ways:  

  1. If you choose "update with same margin" it will increase your prices by the percentage that the AliExpress price increased.
  2. If you choose to Update with your Price Markup or Advanced Markup rules Dropified will increase your price to maintain the same markup percentage as in your settings. 

Please see this video for a quick demo:

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