Firstly, you can sign up for a GrooveKart account here:

Here's how to connect your GrooveKart Store:

1. Go to the GrooveKart login page and login to your store:

2. After successfully logging in to your store, select the Products section in left menu > POD & DropShipping. Once the page has loaded, look for the "Dropified" app and click Learn More.

3. Once the app has loaded, click on the "red colored" button to activate the app. Upon successful activation of app, click cog gear icon, you will see the API Key and Auth Token appear.

4. Log into your Dropified account.

5. From the stores page, select the "Add Store" button, and select Groovekart from the list of options then click Continue.

6. On the next screen, enter the name of your store. Fill out the “Store URL” field by pasting your Groovekart store URL.

  • To get the store URL, go back to your Groovekart store. In your browser’s URL bar copy the part of the URL that reads https://[yourstorename]

  • Ignore the rest of the URL.

Next is copy and paste the API Key and Auth Token into their respective fields in Dropified. Click Add Store.

You're done! 🎉 Next, learn how to start importing:

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