There are 4 ways to set up your default product descriptions:

  • Empty - no product description will be imported.

  • Original - imports the original supplier's product description.

  • Simplified - imports the simpler version of the original description

  • Custom - set your own product description using saved templates you've created through Custom Product Descriptions.

Create Custom Product Descriptions

Within Dropified you can set up description templates and switch between them when importing products. This helps you create unique descriptions relevant to each item. 

For example, rather than having just one default description, you could have a different one for each category in your store.

In the Settings page, set Default Product Description to Custom, then you can create one default description as shown below or you can click Custom Product Descriptions and then Add New Template

You can build a list of your templates for customized product descriptions

The template that you save here will be available at Dropified extension when you are importing products:

You can watch this video demo that walks you through the process:

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