The Profit Dashboard automatically calculates the profit your store is making and gives you an insight into how your business is performing.

What's included?

  • Your sales data

  • Costs from Facebook Ads

  • AliExpress costs including shipping and taxes

  • eBay costs including shipping and taxes

Are you selling your products for the right price? Are you promoting products that are essentially loss leaders? Get all that data and more by monitoring your profit statistics in one easy and new dashboard.

Revenue from your Store

Profit is broken down for each store you have connected and each order in your store

Automatically record your AliExpress & eBay costs

Costs from AliExpress and eBay are included and assigned to each order. This includes any taxes and shipping costs too!

Automatically include your FB Costs

Costs from FB Ads are included and deducted from your revenue to give an accurate profit. Select which campaigns you want to import, or import them all.

Add additional custom costs

Additional expenses can be manually added if needed.

Visualize your data!

Graph your Fulfilment costs, the number of fulfilments, ads spend, and other costs against your revenue to see what your true profit is.

Filter by day, month, or a custom period.

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