When you import a product from any of our One Click Supported Sites, you will need to manually process the order. Note: this does not apply to products set up from AliExpress or eBay. You can learn how manage orders from these three sites here. To process orders from Alibaba go here.

Once you receive an order from a product you imported with Dropified  it will show up in the Order Menu. When you get ready to fulfill the order click the Place Order button and choose Manual Order. 

This will take you to the product on the Website that you imported it from.

Then you will have to select the variant (if there is one) and  proceed to the checkout. Enter the address and shipping info for your customer. If you have a Custom Message to the supplier (letting them know you are dropshipping) you will have to enter that on the order as well.

Next, you will have to enter your payment information on the site (if you don't have a login already with this saved). Finally you can go to the order menu and mark it as Ordered manually. 

When they give you a tracking number You can click on the "unfulfilled" button in the Order menu and load your tracking number there. It will then use your store email to notify your customer of the tracking number. 

Hope that helps. 😃

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