Of course the best place to start is www.dropified.com.

Definition Of Dropshipping

A customer places an order for a product on your online store.

You automatically (with Dropified) or manually forward the order and customer details to the dropship supplier.

The dropship supplier packages and ships the order directly to the customer

The Dropshipping Process explained.

What Does It Cost To Start?

There are some associated costs with being a dropshipper. Although one of the great perks is low overhead and no inventory on hand to self-manage. There are a number of factors involved that will determine how much it will cost you.
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Beginners Guides

How Does Dropshipping Work? A beginners Guide

Step By Step Guide to Starting Your First Dropshipping Store

Dropified's Blog

Why Would A Customer Buy From My Store?

If a customer wants to take the time to search out your product on other sites then they will likely find a less expensive alternative. The fact of the matter is that many, if not most, customers don't take time to do that. They are responding to your site and or advertising. This is why so many are so successful at dropshipping.
This blog post will give you more information. 

Why Will Consumers Buy From My Dropshipping Store When They Can Buy The Same Product Cheaper?

How Do I Decide What To Sell?

Many people have created businesses from their hobbies and interests. Anything you're an expert in automatically puts you at an advantage to your competition. Start narrowing down your interests… make a list of your top 5 interests and passions. It might be sports, pets, writing or fashion – or something very specific. 

How Do I Choose A Niche For My Online Store?

I Don't Know How To Do Anything Like This On A Computer

The CEOs of Dropified (Chase Bowers and Lowell Rempel) put together a challenge in 2018 that walks you through how to properly set up and advertise a dropshipping business. The 60 Day Challenge was a huge success with students finishing the course in 3-4 months and most of the entrepreneurs that completed the course went on to having successful online businesses (I was one of them). It is now available on Udemy or you get it for free when you have Dropified.

Here is a teaser for this great course: https://challenge.dropified.com/

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