Orders queue means that an order is in progress, it's among a list of orders that you clicked to begin ordering. You always have the option of clearing the orders queue or completing an order.

How do I find the Orders Queue?

You can find this by initiating the auto ordering process (clicking the "Place Order" key). The Orders Queue window will be opened in Dropified. Click the Gear (cog) icon in the Orders Queue window.

Completed orders should clear on their own. If it is not completed, then it needs to be manually cleared using the trash bin.

It can be cleared here:

Orders Queue Settings

Don't confirm orders if the chosen Shipping Method is unavailable - Enable this option to stop the Auto Order process if a Shipping Method is unavailable.

Auto Hide Successfully Completed Orders - Orders will be removed from the queue once they are placed.

Auto Close Completed Tabs - Once an order is placed the tab will be closed.

Disable auto order confirmation at Checkout - We will automatically click "Place Order" button on AliExpress to fully automate the process. Tick this box to stop that automation at checkout page.

Set Only The First Item Shipping For Same Vendor Items - If you have 3 items from the same vendor we will just change the shipping method for the first, this allows you to save on shipping costs if the supplier has approved this.

Remember Orders Queue Position - The Orders Queue window can be dragged anywhere when you clicked on the drag symbol. By default, it will always reset to the right bottom of the page. When you check this option, it will remember the position of the window where you last left it.

If error or timeout occurs, move to next order after: __ minutes - If an error occurs during the Auto Ordering process, the app will automatically move on to the next order after X minutes.

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