Users should register as a buyer with and then connect their account in stores settings at Dropified.

To connect to your Alibaba account, you can click on "Connect Account" from Dropified Settings in the Alibaba section. Login into the Alibaba account in a separate tab before getting started.

Note: "Not Connected" means your Alibaba account is not connected in Dropified.

Once you click on it, you'll see an Alibaba authorization page. Set duration to 6 months, make sure the box is checked and then click Authorize.

On the next page, agree to the terms and click "Authorize" again for the final step.

It will then redirect you to your stores settings page with an indication that "Your Dropified account is connected to Alibaba"

If you scroll down at the bottom part of the stores settings page, you should see the "Connected" indicator.

That's it. You can then access Alibaba Products when you click it on the sidebar menu of your account or you can also click on Access Dropshipping Products button which leads you to the same page.

Keep in mind that once the Alibaba access expires, you will need to re-approve the Dropified app by selecting the expiration date again. When it is due to expire, you'll be reminded about this:

And if it's expired, you should go through the same process as shown above to reconnect your account:

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