What is a Product Board?

Boards in Dropified are similar to boards in Pinterest. It is useful for product research purposes.
Click here to learn more about creating Product Boards in Dropified.

Product Boards in Dropified are currently only for Shopify and CommerceHQ.

How to save to a board during import

Once you've created your boards in Dropified, you can choose which board to save a product to during the product importing process.

  1. Click on the Dropified extension icon in your Chrome browser from the single product description page.
  2. On the bottom of the extension popup window, click the dropdown box to choose which board you want to save to.
    Keep in mind: You can only select from boards that you've previously created.
  3. Click "Send to Shopify/CHQ" or "Save for Later".

The product will be saved in the board that you selected. You can only save to 1 board at a time during this process.

Note: Boards in Dropified are separated by your eCom platform; you can create boards in Dropified for Shopify and CommerceHQ separately.
Depending on the platform that you're sending to (Shopify or CHQ), you'll have different board choices in the dropdown menu.

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