If you're getting an error with your WooCommerce store when you use Dropified, this is most likely due to your store taking too long to send a response when Dropified makes API calls.

This is usually not an issue with the API call from Dropified or with WooCommerce, but instead with the server that hosts your WooCommerce store being too slow. Upgrading to a faster server may solve this problem. 

Additionally, some plugins that may also cause the issue:

  • WP SMTP or SMTP configuration issue

  • W3 Total Cache or WP REST Cache - Disabling these plugins might help.

  • WPML Plugin - Disabling it might help.

  • Akismet Anti-Spam - Disabling it might help.

  • Jetpack - This plugin might create a couple of issues.

  • A2 Optimized WP - Disabling it might help.

Hosting providers also have additional limits/configurations that cause issues.
For example:

  • SiteGround anti-bot filter might block our API requests - you can ask them to disable it for the API URL.

  • Cloudflare (Reverse proxy) has a WAF feature that can block suspicious requests. - You should take a look at the audit report and see if it blocks any API requests.
    - Allow Dropified in Cloudflare WAF

Troubleshooting Information (Prepare A Report)

When contacting our team for an issue with your WooCommerce store, please head to WooCommerce > Status, copy the System Status Report and paste it in your support ticket.

Video demo on how to get your report:

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