What Is Global Price Markup?

Global Price Markup is a setting that applies to all products every time you import products. It's intended for increasing supplier product pricing by percentage. You can also increase the price by a fixed amount!

How does it work?

To begin, it’s important to know that this tool is just applicable to changes made for all products from either AliExpress or eBay. This setting will just add the change to existing margins. It doesn’t apply to individual products or variants.

This feature uses the Product Import Settings under Price Markup in your local settings https://app.dropified.com/settings (Please scroll down to the Alerts section in Dropified to follow along.) You will need to set this option to align with your Alerts preferences at the product level too.

Here is a preview of how your local settings should appear for automated price changes to your store:

You will want to make sure the options in the screenshot above do not override the preference you set at the product level. You can access these settings by clicking into your ideal product. Then you can click on the alerts tab to see all options.

Tip* - The Advanced Markup Rules will override Global Price Markups.

  • Notify me - An email will be sent to you detailing the changes

  • Update Automatically - Changes will be made automatically

  • Do Nothing - Disables the feature

  • Update in Shopify Like Global Default, the Update Price option in Shopify sends price updates to your Shopify store

To learn more about Price Alerts, you can click here: https://help.dropified.com/en/articles/2771980-automate-price-inventory-updates

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