As a parent account user, you need to go to Sub Users on the sidebar menu of your account.

On Account Sub Users page, click on sub user's name under "Manage Sub Users".

Once you click on that specific name, it will take you to Permissions popup window where you can click on the "Edit Permissions" button.

This will take you to General Permissions page as shown below. You can freely enable whichever feature you want your sub user to have access to. Make sure to click the save button.

If you want to be more specific with the stores permissions, you need to scroll down until you see "Shopify Store Permissions" (or other store platform) > click EDIT.

It will then take you to Store Permissions page. You can edit the permissions you prefer for your sub user at this point.

Enabling "Save Products For Later" will allow your sub user to save products for the specific store. You can also turn on the "Send Products to Shopify" or "Delete Products". In this screenshot, these features have been turned off.

Once done, click SAVE.

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