Importing Products from Alibaba
Learn how to import products from Alibaba through Dropified
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Note: If you import Alibaba products outside of the Alibaba Pavilion for dropship products, then you will have to manually fulfill the order.

How to Import Alibaba Products Using Direct Integration:

Before you start importing Alibaba products, see to it that your Alibaba account is connected to Dropified.

To view and import products from Alibaba, click Access Dropshipping Products from settings. Make sure to select which platform products are imported prior to clicking it. You can also choose whether to import products as Non Connected or to send them directly to your connected store. After this, you need to click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

Once saved, you can click on Access Dropshipping Products. It will take you to Alibaba dropshipping products page:

Note: You can only add products from this page so be sure to have this link bookmarked.

You can use the search engine of Alibaba to search for products. You can then go over the list and select the product that you want to add.

You can hover your cursor to the product and click Add to Import List > Ok to quickly import the product to Dropified.

You may also click on the product first. From the single product page, you can click Add to Import List > Ok to import a product.

The Product is imported/saved directly to the store you've set in stores settings.

Supplier and Variant Mapping works as usual if you want to edit the connection between Alibaba and the product in your store. You can learn more about it here.

Important points to remember:

  • Simplified, Original, Custom description works with importing Alibaba products

  • Price Markup or Markup rules apply to the imported product

  • Create Bundles of Alibaba products using Bundle Mapping

  • The Pricing or Inventory changes are NOT automated for Alibaba so you will have to monitor this manually.

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